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We believe in learning. We believe in people. We believe in technology.
Last but not least we believe in you and that together, we can make all kids learn more.
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A complete and ultra-flexible learning material

We don't tell teachers how to teach or students how to learn, quite the contrary. We offer an extremely flexible learning material that can be adapted by the teachers and students who use it. And we maintain that our learning material should be complete.

Committed to differentiation

All children should feel they can perform at their best. That's really all there is to it. We're constantly looking for new and improved ways to engage each student, and by using the most effective technology we've opened the door to a wealth of differentiation options and benefits.

Putting tactile learning in play

VR universes and finger painting. The entire sensory system is mobilized in our multimodal learning universe. Students get to feel, smell and taste, and we give them plenty of opportunities to be active creators both digitally and away from the screen.

Keep track of student progression

The next Nobel prize winner could be sitting in a classroom somewhere near you right now, but what if their talent is never discovered and nurtured? We use technology to ensure that the potential of all students is recognized so their teacher can meet them at their own level.

Forget yesterday's weather forecast

Yesterday's weather forecast isn't particularly interesting today, and textbooks dealing with the topic of gender equality without mentioning #MeToo are outdated. We take topicality and relevance very seriously. Two days after Trump was elected president, for example, we provided the teachers with brand new texts and activities about the new head of state.