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05. Jul 2019 | Adina Eriksson

How can you use Clio in your lessons? You can use our activities, which have clear goals for the students and built-in evaluations of their learning gains. Read more about activities here!

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At Clio, we like to create activities that represent ‘the Nordic way’ when it comes to teaching and motivation. The activities cover everything from traditional vocabulary and text work to creative, hands-on activities with elements of physical activity. Effective language teaching happens both on and off screen, and the activities on Clio English reflect that. The concept of blended learning is central to our philosophy.

Our activities vary in length. Each activity includes a number of unique learning goals and a short evaluation of student learning gains at the end. Activity steps use symbols to indicate whether they should be completed alone, in groups or in class, and we always address the students directly using the imperative form.

Why not try out one of our activities with your class today?
Clio English B1 โ€“ Class Records
Clio English B2 โ€“ Brexit Fears

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