News from Clio

News from Clio

Teachers' Day 2019

11. Sep 2019 Together with you, we want to draw attention to all teachers on Teachers' Day on October 5th! Do you have a story about a teacher who has done something special for you? Share it with us, and we will make sure to spread it as a tribute! Read more

How to use Lesson Plans

21. Aug 2019

With our interactive lesson plans you and your students can experience interactivity, easy navigation and functions that makes teaching easier and even more fun!

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Information for the teacher

10. Aug 2019 Have you seen the "For the teacher" section in our lesson plans? We want to throw some light on this feature since it gives you a great introduction and prepares you for the lessons covered by the plan! Read more

British or American English?

03. Aug 2019 Our learning materials favour British English spelling, but we use source material from all over the world, including the USA, Australia and India. Read more

13 Teaching Hacks: Tips to Make a Teacher's Life Easier

08. Jul 2019 Simple solutions to everyday problems can be called "life hacks". When it comes to simple solutions for teachers, we call them "teacher hacks". We asked some teachers about their favourite hacks, and you can read their tips below. Read more

A multimodal learning material for ESL teaching

05. Jul 2019 Clio English offers a broad selection of texts and activities grouped by topic. Each topic contains multimodal texts about e.g. youth culture or global issues, and for each individual text, we have created activities that expand on the topic in educational, motivating and creative ways. Read more

This is Clio English – activities

05. Jul 2019 How can you use Clio in your lessons? You can use our activities, which have clear goals for the students and built-in evaluations of their learning gains. Read more about activities here! Read more

How to customise your teaching

04. Jul 2019 In a class, there are often as many specific needs as there are students. Adapting teaching materials to suit everyone is often a time-consuming job – but does it have to be? Read more

Clio English Teacher's Guides

04. Jul 2019 Few teachers know everything about all topics. That's why we've created helpful teacher's guides for a lot of the material on our portals. Let's show you how it works! Read more