Lesson plans for the 2019/20 school year

02. Jul 2019 | Adina Eriksson

Kill two birds with one stone โ€“ use our lesson plans for the term, save time, and ensure a clear didactic thread through the whole term.

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Clio has prepared a number of lesson plans for you and your class called “unit plans”, which is just what it sounds like โ€“ plans for multiple lessons on single topics. Dive into different themes with your students over multiple lessons, and save time on planning.

In the unit plans, our editors have combined Clio texts, activities and literary works in a didactic frame that ensures a clear didactic thread throughout. The last lesson ends with an evaluation so you can see what the students will take with them. Take a look at the links below:
Unit plans for Clio English B1ย ยป
Unit plans for Clio English B2 ยป

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