The section you wish you'd noticed earlier

10. Aug 2019 | Adina Eriksson

Have you seen the “For the teacher” section in our lesson plans? We want to throw some light on this feature since it gives you a great introduction and prepares you for the lessons covered by the plan!

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Are you planning to use one of our lesson plans (or as we at Clio call them โ€“ unit plans)? We sure hope so, because they can save you a lot of time. But before you get started with the first lesson in a unit plan, we suggest you have a look at the section called “For the teacher”. Here you can gain an insight into the thoughts behind the unit plan and find tips on different ways to work with the plan with your students. Isn’t that just fantastic?

Check it out yourself on the portals:
Unit plans for Clio English B1ย ยป
Unit plans for Clio English B2 ยป

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