How to use Lesson Plans!

21. Aug 2019 | Linn Wigen

With our interactive lesson plans you and your students can experience interactivity, easy navigation and functions that makes teaching easier and even more fun!

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Perks of interactive lesson plans

In our lesson plans, which we call unit plans, we have gathered material that together makes for great lessons, in one place.

The unit plans consist of activities and texts that helps the students get a greater understanding of what theyโ€™re learning. It’s a gathering of both activities and text that together make lessons for you and your students – how many the unit plans consists of and how many hours you’ll find specified on the left in the unit plan index.

Teaching material for everyone

We have created ways to make the material more accessible, for example, you can change the text font to Dyslexie for students who have dyslexia, and we have added a function where the text is read out loud for those who have an easier time understanding when hearing sometime, instead of just reading it.

Have a look

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