How ready are you for the Christmas break?

13. Nov 2019 | Signe Boddum Voelding

Some of you are longing for the warm embrace of Christmas vacation. Others can’t believe that December has arrived already. Which type are you? Find out with our Christmas break barometer here!

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1. The “Vacation is the best part of the year” type

You love your students and colleagues, but if you had the opportunity you’d probably vote for more vacation days than working days in the calender.

Vacation is life!

Christmas break barometer: You’re in your right element!

2. The “Christmas on the brain” type

For you, December will be one long party, and you and your students are, of course, the first ones to decorate the classroom with all things Christmas.

Every time you get a chance to sing along to “All I Want for Christmas” or “Last Christmas”, you do it!

Christmas break barometer: You were born for Christmas break!

3. The “I can’t live without my students” type

For you, each day that passes in December is one day closer to a tough day โ€“ the start of the Christmas break!

You love teaching and can barely stand the thought of not seeing your students the entire vacation …

Christmas break barometer: Even though you’ll miss your students, vacation will do you good!

4. The “Wow, it’s Christmas already?” type

You’re wearing your running shoes for the insane sprint that December will be.

Tests, year planning and coordination meetings are just a few of the things you’ll have to manage, and all of a sudden the holidays are here.

Christmas break barometer: You need a well-deserved and relaxing vacation!

Not ready for the vacation yet?

Take a look at our year plans and topics in your portal! Maybe they can be of inspiration when you’re planning the next year.

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