The foundation of Clio English

03. Jul 2019 | Linn Wigen

The B1 and B2 portals are dynamic products, and they will be continuously expanded with even more interesting, current and motivating content to enable successful English teaching. Let’s dig into our topics!

english topics
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Clio English is designed to be easy to navigate, and you’ll always know where to find what. Everything is only a couple of clicks away for both teachers and students. The foundation of Clio English is the Topics section, located in the middle of the top menu. Here you’ll find a selection of texts divided into topics, each providing a unique angle on language and culture in the English-speaking world.

Each text has a selection of activities attached to it, which lets you to work with the text and its topic in different ways. We take pride in offering a wide variety of activities that both allow the students to work digitally in front of their devices, and to be communicative, creative and physically active away from the screen.

Get inspired

In the top-right corner of each text, you’ll find the Inspiration section. This section offers suggestions for relevant texts, videos and external links that can inspire and help you unfold the topic even further.

Check it out at Clio English B1 or Clio English B2!

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