Differentiated learning with Clio

30. Apr 2020

All students are different. In our teaching material, there are several built-in aids to help increase reading comprehension for everyone.

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Differentiation is key

All children should feel that they can perform at their best. Research on digital aids in school clearly shows that digital aids improve results for students with dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties. Meanwhile, many schools have little access to adapted teaching materials.

At Clio, we work both to facilitate reading comprehension and to meet all types of needs. In addition to multimodal texts with images and videos, Clio has several customization tools built into the portals. In order to support each student’s unique needs, the tools can be combined in different ways. You can read about our built-in tools and how they facilitate learning below.

Text-to-speech function

Students can choose to have the text read aloud with a simple click. The reading speed is adjustable, so the students can listen to the text at their preferred pace. They can also choose to read along while listening, using our highlight function. The text-to-speech function spares students a lot of energy, which has a positive effect on learning. Just plug in your headphones and press play!

Speech-to-text function

With our speech-to-text function, students can answer using their microphone โ€“ the audio is converted to text and entered in the text box. Then, students can listen back to their answer and check for any mistakes. In addition to serving as a writing aid, the feature enables new ways of producing text. Being able to transcribe interviews and record notes provides many didactic benefits, even for students without reading and writing difficulties.

Interactive reading guides

The reading guides support the students throughout the text by emphasising reading comprehension strategies before, during and after reading. In this way, students can process what they have just read, which facilitates reading comprehension. By alternating between reading and processing, students are constantly guided through the text.

Dyslexie font

All texts can be read in the font Dyslexie. In Dyslexie, letters are designed to be more easily distinguishable, making reading easier for students with dyslexia.

We are always working on further developing our differentiation tools

We want all children to learn more, and we are really passionate about differentiated learning. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to engage students. So keep an eye out for the latest news on our social channels (which you can find below) and on our news page!

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