Let's talk teacher's guides

04. Jul 2019 | Adina Eriksson

Few teachers know everything about all topics. That’s why we’ve created helpful teacher’s guides for a lot of the material on our portals. Let’s show you how it works!

Teaching guides
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Our teacher’s guides contain tips and valuable information for the activity or unit plan you’re working with. Among other things, you can find background information that may come in handy while preparing the lesson, tips on how to use the material to get the students involved and motivated, and explanations of the purpose of the material. And as an added bonus, the guides make it easier for substitute teachers to get started with the material.

Tips and help where you need it most

There are a lot of teacher’s guides in our activities and unit plans already, providing assistance when the need is greatest. But keep your eyes open โ€“ we are constantly creating and publishing new guides. Click on the icon circled in the picture above to enable the teacher’s guides. You’ll find the guides themselves inserted into the body of the activity or unit plan in the relevant places.

Here are a few examples of pages where you can get help from teacher’s guides. Try it today:
Clio English B1 โ€“ Class Records
Clio English B1 โ€“ A Piece of Cake
Clio English B2 โ€“ Prepositions Story
Clio English B2 โ€“ Maori Tattoos

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