About Clio

At Clio we want to make kids smarter. We can't do that alone, so with a tip of the hat we're inviting classrooms, innovative technology and didactic minds into our work. It is only by working together that we can empower every individual student for the future.

This has been our method since 2006, when we decided to develop our first educational technology: an interactive portal full of teaching materials. Since then, things have moved swiftly for our little EdTech company.

A single IT guy has become a large team of developers, and two history nerds have become an editorial team with more than 364 years of teaching experience. And we've established a Clio Lab to ensure that we're always looking for new and better ways to teach and learn.

Our services include hours of reading material, tools for increased inclusion, aids for dyslexic students, quiz products, a reading engine for differentiated reading instruction and 87 other innovative and supportive solutions for the school world. All wrapped up in a multimodal learning universe in which the student gets to play the role of both creative producer and critical receiver.

Behind all our solutions lies a desire to create better learning for each individual student. We love that everyone is different, and we want to give students and teachers alike the opportunity to make our services their own.

We shape the future with our educational technology, and we want the students to be able to do the same. It may seem ambitious, but that's exactly what we are. By combining the latest knowledge, data and technology with our own passion for making kids smarter, we can create the best possible learning environment for the school world.

Together we take teaching to the next level and into the future, and we only succeed when all students succeed.