A multimodal learning material for ESL teaching

05. Jul 2019 | Linn Wigen

Clio English offers a broad selection of texts and activities grouped by topic. Each topic contains multimodal texts about e.g. youth culture or global issues, and for each individual text, we have created activities that expand on the topic in educational, motivating and creative ways.

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A multimodal text combines text, pictures, sound, videos and interactive elements to make its subject matter engaging and motivating for the students. Take a closer look at the multimodal text Social Media Influencers for Clio English B2.

Multimodal textsIn a text about social media influencers, it is important for the students to actually see the people they are reading about. In this case, we use videos (as seen above), pictures and Instagram links to complement the written text.

Multimodal keywordsAt the beginning of each text, we have placed a list of keywords (as seen above) that appear in the body of the text. By focusing on the meaning of important keywords before they read the text, we hope the students will have a better reading experience and greater learning gains. In addition to this, difficult words in the text itself are underlined to indicate that students can click on them to get an explanation of what they mean.

We are aware that students learning English as a second language on the Clio English B1 and Clio English B2 portals are at different levels of skill. We have made sure that both portals contain a range of texts with different levels of complexity in order to cater to all students. For this reason, it is important for teachers to assess the difficulty level of each individual text before using it in their lessons.

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