5 digital tools to make teaching a little easier

31. Oct 2019 | Signe Boddum Voelding

The school year is almost halfway through, and we thought you might be interested in a helping hand to make teaching just a little easier. Are we right?

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1. Search function on the portal

A good search function is essential in a digital learning material because it makes the content visible and easily accessible. Our IT department has worked hard to make our search function as good as possible. It’s simple to find what you’re looking for โ€“ you can even categorise and filter our content by genre, theme and writer.

2. Read aloud function

The students can choose to have the text read aloud at the speed they prefer. They can even follow along in the text while they listen thanks to the text highlighting function. Perfect for students who have difficulty reading and writing!

3. Share unit plans with your colleagues.

The sharing function lets you create a copy of a unit plan and send it to a colleague. When you share it, the lucky recipient will receive their very own copy. That way, your colleague can make as many changes to the unit plan as they want, and you can keep editing your own copy without messing with the version you’ve already shared!

4. Edit or create your own year plans

All of our unit plans are ready to be used, just the way they are. But you can also edit and change them to suit your students perfectly. When you’ve chosen the unit plans you want the class to work with, whether it’s our pre-made ones, your own or a mix of both, you can build your own year plan from there.

5. Get help

If something’s not working for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our support will help you as fast as they can! Reach out at support@clio.me, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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